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House with residential units
Prague 6 - Ořechovka

Project: 2006 -2007
Implementation : 2008-2009

It is a renovated house from the thirties of the 20th century.

Great attention was paid to recovery of flats' layouts. We focused on remodelling the attic and a small cramped studio apartment there into a spacious and airy duplex. This was accomplished by replacing walls with slender steel columns that supported the roof frame. It was incorporated into space and the released disposition enabled other interesting vistas into the garden. The owner of the apartment suggested to incorporate an old spiral staircase that she had already owned into the interior.
The spiral staircase along with the columns add interesting industrial character to the space.
The proposal of the central bow window was an important element for the new look of the house and it revived the initially quite drab facade.
A bay element corresponds to the neighboring houses and the biggest benefit that has been brought lies in the enlarged layout (8 square meters) of the apartments on the lower floors and opportunity to create a south terrace on the top floor.
The layouts were also extended northwards by occupation of a less usable area of northern enclosed balconies. The flats were significantly lightened from this side, too. The house was completed with a lift. The original terrazzo staircase and entrance were preserved.